Shire Senior Living

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Welcome to Shire Senior Living!

Shire Senior Living is a family owned and operated Assisted Living Residence in Rochester, New York. Our mission is to provide our residents with an active and comfortable environment that promotes individuality and independence. In addition, we provide healthcare services and general support to help people overcome or adapt to their physical and cognitive limitations so as to achieve their individual best quality of life.

Interested in Shire Senior Living?

Are you or a loved one interested in living at Shire Senior Living?

For additional information please call: (585) 467-4544, visit our contact us page and complete the form to receive more infomation.

Why Shire Senior Living?

  • Outstanding Team.
  • Individual Care and Support.
  • Active and Comfortable Living Environment
  • Family Atmosphere.
  • Extraordinary Quality.

We do not discriminate based on race, creed, color, national origin, handicap, sex and age in accordance with (45CFR 90.12) for admission and or employment.

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